Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 2, 2011
Today Lin and I went to 3 garage sales. Then we picked some wildflowers for the vases that will be the centerpieces at the Arts and Crafts Luncheon tomorrow.
After lunch we went to the school to help make all the salads for the luncheon. John, Scott, Jen and Heather went to lunch at Deb's Island Restaurant.
Around 3 John, Lin, Scott and I rode our recumbents on Big Shoal Rd. Then the 3 of them went on all the way to Bass Cove and back another 19 miles.
Jen and Heather went off to hear a band at the Northwood Bar and join friends. We older folks are just sitting and reading until it's time for bed.
Last night Jen made a John a belated Father's Day rhubarb pie. After dinner tonight there is just a small piece left.
Beautiful sunset sky tonight with Common Loons, Ducks and Double-creasted Cormorants going by. Pictures later.

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