Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12, 2011
Today John and I drove out to Big Shoal. Rode Big Shoal Rd. Then down Bass Cove Rd. to McKenzie Point to where the pavement ends. Back to Bass Cove Rd. Rode that until my covering on the chain came loose and slipped forward onto the large ring on the front derailleur. Stopped to look. A screw had fallen out. John looked for tape. None. He said what about bandaids? I looked in the first aid kit we got at the bike banquet a few years ago. Had bandaids, but also there was a small roll of adhesive tape, so we used that. Made it back to the car.
John continued riding. I drove into town to get milk, mail a card, and pick up the electric wire for a new line in order to move the microwave.
John finished putting in the new line after dinner. Moving the microwave to the island next to the stove.
Forgot to report: cribbage last night Elaine 2 John 1.

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