Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 13, 2011
We caught the 10:10 a.m. ferry today. As we approached the Detour dock, the Great Lakes freighter, American Century, passed behind us traveling upbound on the St. Mary's River toward the Soo Locks.
Drove up to the Soo. Had lunch at Studebaker's Restaurant, which is a little like a Rt. 66 place with all the license plates and automobile items on the walls.
After lunch we stopped at several places buying the things on our lists. Picked up a prescription at Walgreen's, which was the main reason for going in the first place. Then went downtown to the hardware to pick up another light for the kitchen and go to the bookstore. When we were parking the car, we saw the American Century again just going into one of the locks, after which it would be heading into Lake Superior.
After we were done, we stopped at Zak's for ice cream, then headed back to the ferry dock.
Tonight John finished installing the under cabinet kitchen lights, moved the microwave to the island by the stove, and put in the grommet so he can put the printer and modem in a different cabinet. Tomorrow I will be able to put away all the dishes, canisters, etc. that are on the dining room table.
Once again no pictures.

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