Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18, 2011
Today we caught the 6:10 a.m. ferry. The sun was just coming up. It was raining, and there was a rainbow over the river, but I missed the shot because the ferry turned at the wrong moment.
Drove north to M28 and headed west. Stopped at Seney National Wildlife Refuge to drive the 7 mile wildlife trail. Lots of Trumpeter Swans. The program started there in 1993 with the introduction of two swans to the area and has grown from there. Seney was dedicated in 1935, and many of the roads, bridges, etc. were built by the CCC.
Drove into Wisconsin. Stopped at Ashland to visit the Great Lakes Interpretive Center. We were there once before in 2005. The town of Ashland has 10 murals on some of the old buildings in the historic section of town. We drove around to look at them.
In Superior we went into town for dinner then drove around looking at some of the big houses.
We are camped in a campground along the Bemenji River. It is hot and humid.
Pictures to follow in a new blog.

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