Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12, 2011
This morning those who were snorkeling today left at 8:00 a.m. Gary, Dawn and I left just after that. We drove south to the southern most tip of the U.S. (guess Key West can't claim that honor anymore). First we went to the Green Sands Beach. We didn't get right down to the beach as the road was really rough and only for 4-wheel drive vehicles. Then we went to the Southern Pt. There were wooden structures that use to be used for fishing, but now the kids use them for diving. The cliff walls are straight down, and the ocean has cut sea caves into the volcanic rock. There was a wind farm out there also. All the tree were wind swept and bending almost to the ground.
On the way back we drove to The Painted Church, a Catholic place of worship. There was cat asleep on the altar. We disturbed it, and a plant was knocked over in the process. The cemetery was old, and the gate was locked. Some of the statues had many ropes of shell beads draped around their necks.
The Monument to Captain Cook was in th
e same area. It was in front of the ruins of an ancient Hawaiian temple.
Pictures: Sign, Rd. to Green Sands Beach, sand, sea cave, fishing, diving,wind farm, Painted Church, cemetery, Statue with shell beads, Inlet, Cook Monument.

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