Monday, September 5, 2011

Kaua'i 9/5/2011

September 5, 2011
This morning we returned our rental car. We check my suitcase. John decided to do his carry-on.
As we were standing in line to go though inspection, John said he was probably going to lose his small knife because he forgot to put it in my suitcase.
First John set the machine off because of the knife. They took him aside after finding not one but two of the little knives. Meanwhile I set the machine off because of my metal hip and got patted down once again. They then took John and his suitcase around the corner. They gave him two choices: mail the knives home for $12.00 or Check his suitcase and keep the knives for $10.00. He uses the knife a lot, so he decided to check the bag. Gary and I were telling people that they had taken him to jail.
We then flew Hawaiian Airlines from Oahu to Kaua'i. Very small airport so everything went like clockwork at that end. Rented another car and drove to the Kaua'i Beach Resort. Our room wasn't ready so we drove to one of the nearby towns to have lunch and do a little grocery shopping to get things for breakfast and pack a lunch for the hike tomorrow.
We will be driving to the north side of the island. Patty is leading the hike. I will stay in the area where the cars are parked and birdwatch. So far on Kaua'i I have 3 life birds, putting my total for the trip at 19.

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